Handball Winners acts as an intermediary during contract negotiations to ensure the athlete signs a competitive agreement that takes his/her personal interests into account. In our opinion both parties (the athlete and club) should be satisfied with the drafted contract. This means that we represent the interests of our athlete, but also that we take the clubs possibilities into account.


Our main goal is to support and care of all our players, from the very moment they become part of the Handball Winners. Attending to every need, in and out of the handball court, boosting their natural talent and help them to develop it to the maximum capacity. Analyzing any issue and situation that arises and advise them by pointing them to the right direction. Standing by them, protecting them from taking wrong decisions or loosing chances that may arise in their carrier and literally follow them through every step of their carrier.



As a representative of the sports we monitor regularly our players to identify their needs, desires and expectations. In parallel we regularly exchange with coaches, athletic directors and presidents the various clubs to identify and understand their needs, budgets and sports projects they propose. So we can assimilate information and optimally advise our players for their future career choices.